Monuments for the victims of Stein

Friedhof Krems-Stein

There is a tombstone for the victims of the massacre of 6 April 1945 right next to the entrance of the cemetery in Stein. The exhumation of the murdered people began in January 1950. They were then laid to rest over the course of eleven days, during which black flags flew in the city. It was possible to establish the identities of only 112 of the 321 bodies, but even these names are not inscribed on the memorial.

Less than ten metres away is a memorial stone, erected by the Polish government in 2015, that preserves the memory of members of a Polish resistance organisation. The people it commemorates belonged to a group of more than 40 prisoners who were condemned to death by the Vienna Regional Court. After a forced march lasting several days, they arrived at the empty Stein Prison only nine days after the massacre and were shot by members of the Waffen-SS. The non-Polish victims among these resistance fighters are not mentioned on the memorial.