Soviet Monument

Südtirolerplatz 3

In 1947 the Soviet occupation forces ordered the exhumation of the bodies of 1,640 Soviet soldiers that lay on the area of the former STALAG XVII B prisoner of war camp in the Gneixendorf district of Krems and reburied them in the city centre, on Südtirolerplatz. They erected an obelisk with a red star at the top.

At the ceremonial unveiling on 1 June 1947, the mayor of Krems, Franz Riel, urged that this monument “should serve as a reminder to all of us, our children and grandchildren, of the heroic struggle of the Soviet soldiers, of their sacrifice for peace and for the freedom of Austria.”

Five years after the withdrawal of the Soviet troops, the city of Krems made a request to the Soviet embassy to relocate the bodies. They were reburied on 2 November 1960 in the Krems cemetery, and the grave site in the city centre was removed. The obelisk disappeared.