I am here by Iris Andraschek

Schillerstraße 10

On any walk through Krems, you’ll notice carpets painted on the ground on pavements and squares. Some are still bright white while others are already faded and worn. The carpets were applied to the ground using stencils and lime-based distemper paint.

Entitled I am here, this 2021 artwork by Iris Andraschek commemorates Jewish women from Krems and the surrounding area who were deported and murdered by the Nazis.

Since the 1980s it has mainly been private initiatives, such as those by Robert Streibel, that have maintained engagement with the history of Nazism in Krems. One initiative by kremskultur was the exhibition in museumkrems called Where have they gone? The women of Krems, in which historians researched the biographical details and residences of 105 women.

The 105 carpets, all with different patterns, were painted in front of any homes where one of these women was documented. They include the women’s names and biographical information. Because of the characteristics of distemper, the paintings will eventually disappear as weathering and the volume of steps that cross them wears them away. Part of the artwork is an explicit instruction not to renew the carpet paintings.