Karl Eibl Monument

Stadtpark Krems / Josef-Wichner-Straße

Karl Eibl (1891–1943), who had been to school in Krems and was stationed in the city during the First World War, joined the Wehrmacht in 1938 as a major. He died in 1943 leading an advance by an armoured corps in the Battle of Stalingrad. The Wehrmacht played a key operational role in the war of annihilation on the Eastern Front from 1941 to 1945.

The veterans’ organisation Kameradschaftsbund St. Pölten-Krems erected a monument to Karl Eibl in 1959. It was unveiled during the first reunion of Austrian Stalingrad veterans outside Vienna. Krems was chosen as the site of this meeting not least because the then Krems mayor, Franz Wilhelm, had opposed the prosecution of war criminals.

The Karl Eibl Monument in Krems is the only memorial to a general of the Wehrmacht in a German-speaking country. It first stood in the park next to the Wachau Bridge near Krems and was only moved to its current, central location in the 1970s. The City of Krems organised wreath-laying ceremonies at this monument for over 60 years. Finally, in 2021, an additional plaque was attached as the first initiative of the Krems Historians’ Advisory Council, which had been formed earlier that year.