Attack in the Alauntal

Im Alauntal

In June 1933 Austria was shaken by a wave of National Socialist terror with bomb attacks, arson and street fights. On 19 June 1933 two SA men carried out an attack on auxiliary police in Alauntal near Krems. The establishment of an auxiliary police force was one of the measures taken by the Austrofascist dictatorship that was constituted in March 1933 through the dissolution of parliament.

A 56-man unit was marching back to Krems from target practice in Egelsee when two SA men, Adolf Weichselbaum and Herbert Mösel, hurled hand grenades into the formation. One man, Franz Blamoser, died and 30 were injured. Immediately after the attack, the NSDAP was banned throughout Austria.

In 1933 a memorial stone was placed at the site of the attack in Alauntal. After the “Anschluss” in 1938, the National Socialists removed it.