There is a single square in Krems named after a resistance fighter: Franz-Zeller-Platz.

In 1938/39 Franz Zeller was involved in the founding of a Communist resistance group and cooperated with other resistance fighters to organise “Red Aid”, a support organisation that collected money to support escaped or imprisoned Communist and Social Democrat party members and their families.

On 30 September 1942 Franz Zeller and two other Krems resistance fighters – Johann Hoffmann and Ferdinand Strasser – were executed in the Vienna Regional Court. In his letter of farewell he wrote: “But it will not be so easy to place your head under the guillotine; it is after all only a moment …” Since 2012, thanks to a private initiative by citizens of Krems, this sentence has been inscribed as a reminder from history on a window opposite the State Gallery of Lower Austria.

The Franz-Zeller-Platz was given its name during the Soviet administration of Krems (1945–1955). The idea of giving the square a different name was first raised in 1995, when the public art gallery Kunsthalle Krems opened. Finally, when the State Gallery of Lower Austria was opened in 2019, the square was renamed Museumsplatz. The street sign “Franz-Zeller-Platz” now stands over only a narrow section of street with a strip of grass.