Sappers and Pioneers Memorial

Stadtpark Krems / Schillerstraße

Dedicated in 1920, the Sappers and Pioneers Memorial commemorates soldiers who fell in the First World War. Since then it has been a site for militarist marches and memorial ceremonies. On 6 May 1945, just two days before Krems was liberated, Gauleiter Hugo Jury came here to deliver a eulogy to the recently dead dictator Adolf Hitler.

The neighbouring memorial to Julius Raab was erected to mark the 60th anniversary of the State Treaty, the agreement that established modern Austria’s independence, and was unveiled in 2016. It stands right next to the Sappers Monument and, remarkably, shows Raab in military uniform.

In the First World War Julius Raab belonged to the Sapper Regiment in Krems. In 1928 he became State Leader of the Lower Austrian Heimwehr. In 1929 he gave a speech in front of the Sappers Monument in which he threatened the destruction of the Social Democratic movement.

These two adjacent monuments on the edge of the city park, therefore, tell a story in combination that individually they conceal: the monument to the “State Treaty Chancellor” stands at exactly the spot where he intimidated his political opponents as the head of a radically anti-democratic organisation.