Steiner Landstraße 1

On 12 April 2015 the route connecting Steiner Landstraße and Steiner Donaulände was named after the Greek resistance fighter Gerasimos Garnelis. Garnelis fought in the armed resistance against the German troops in Greece. He took part in sabotage operations and the destruction of German bombers, was arrested, condemned to death and, after being interned on a prison island in the Aegean Sea, was transferred to Stein. Garnelis survived the massacre of  prisoners at the Stein Prison committed by soldiers of the SS, Waffen-SS, Wehrmacht and Volkssturm on 6 April 1945.

After the liberation, Gerasimos Garnelis was unable to return to Greece because of the civil war raging there. He lived for over 50 years in Krems, ran an electric goods shop and served as president of the soccer club 1. FC Stein. In 1999 he died in poverty. In April 1995, during the memorial event “386” to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the massacre, Garnelis spoke publicly about his life for the first time.