Josef Pisker’s shop

Sparkassengasse 4

Josef Pisker left Krems, along with his clothing and general store in Sparkassengasse, before 1938 and emigrated to Palestine. We can only assume that he had important reasons to bid farewell to his hometown, because the data in the archives has nothing to say on this. Given the lack of information about both the shop and the circumstances of its sale, the site stands as an example of the historic treatment of the town’s former Jewish businesses.

Before 1938 there were around 30 businesses managed by Jewish people in Krems: these included the Neuner family’s clothes shop at the Steiner Gate, the watchmaker Peter Bader at Dinstlstraße 2 and the brushmaker Bernhard Glass. Many of these shops – like the Neuner underwear shop – were looted after the “Anschluss”. Faced with acts of hostility, many of the owners decided to sell their businesses. Some, such as Rudolf Wasservogel, were forced to sell by being arrested. In only a few rare cases did the sale price correspond to the real value. We have knowledge of only two businesses – Oskar Wolter’s pharmaceutical laboratory and Otto Adler’s joinery workshop – that were confiscated and handed over to non-Jewish businesspeople. In the case of two other businesses, the couples separated so that the “Aryan” partner could continue operations. We can only find information about ten of the thirty Jewish businesses, and even here this is incomplete.